Another display of arrogance

After embarrassing the entire public administration with land swaps and after belittling the entire justice system with their interventions concerning ownership of the lagoon, the monks Ephraim and Arsenios decided to continue in the same vein and trivialize the institution of Parliament and its investigative committee. Their presence yesterday at the bulwark of democracy revealed another mortal sin beside greed: pride. Maybe we are wrong to expect anything different from the abbot of a monastery who quite naturally in the past has said that he used a helicopter to get around so that he would have more time for prayer. We continue, however, to expect people who had shown no humility before God to at least show some fear for justice. Our expectations are in vain. The two Mount Athos monks showed themselves to be completely unfazed by all the charges that have been brought against them and all the proofs presented. They continue to act with the same arrogance they displayed when the Vatopedi scandal first came to light. Are they, perhaps, simply optimistic about the outcome?