November 26, 1958

INDEPENDENCE, NOT UNION: New York, 22 – The Greek delegation to the United Nations submitted a draft resolution yesterday for approval, referring to General Assembly Resolution 1013 of 1957, as well as making reference to the General Assembly’s expression of regret that there had not been any negotiations between Britain and the Cypriot people as provided for in the resolution. It also expressed its concern at the worsening of the situation on the island and stating that it recognized that the future of Cyprus lay in the hands of its people. It called on Britain to help bring about independence for Cyprus after a period of true democratic self-government. Finally, it provides for a committee of good services comprising five member states to help implement the resolution. The draft resolution was tabled in anticipation of a third compromise solution that Greece has rejected, as well as another from Turkey calling for tripartite talks. It is rumored that member states friendly to British and American interests will seek to have the Greek draft resolution amended, and that it is not likely to receive the required two-thirds of the vote needed for approval.