Simply a man doing his job

On Wednesday, a policeman almost met his death when a group of self-styled anarchists attacked a riot bus. Earlier this month, a policeman shot and killed a teenager. Yesterday, the court of appeals confirmed the conviction of a well-known politician. The ruling was based on the testimony of two policemen who showed no fear and acted according to their conscience. All these incidents point to a self-evident fact: There are good as well as bad policemen. Also, there are policemen who are threatened by groups of hooligans, who, shouting fascist slogans, could go as far as killing a person simply because he or she is wearing a uniform. The courageous stance of the two policemen should be a lesson for the youths who are carried away by the fascist logic of the hooligans among them. In the bus incident, a policeman was almost burned alive. He could be that same person who, braving the danger, testified to the politician’s breaking of the law. He was not a «cop,» not a «pig» and not a «murderer.» He was simply a man doing his job.