The careless handout of tight funds

Where will this avalanche of subsidies, handouts and other forms of benefits to Greece’s farmers end? What else do the country’s politicians need to see to understand that the Greek economy can no longer shoulder the burden of their irresponsible mistakes and miscalculations? The country’s debt is piling up; Greece is constantly having to borrow – and at increasingly unfavorable terms. Meanwhile, ministers and other government officials are quite happy to disperse such handouts without a care in the world, not considering the long-term cost or even whether such handouts are in line with European Union directives. The opposition is also following the same tactic, making promises to every group that protests, increasing the likelihood that the country becomes ensnarled in a bidding war between who can make the most promises or hand out the most cash. This irresponsible behavior has to stop now. Handouts do not solve any real problems, they simply purchase votes and spoil the political party clientele. Instead of looking at what a reasonable policy will cost in terms of their political image, it is time our politicians start looking at the long-term cost to the country’s future.

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