June 1- 5, 1952

PERSECUTION OF COMMUNISTS: It has been announced that an investigation is to be launched into the communist espionage case (involving Nikos Beloyiannis, who has been executed), after fresh evidence has emerged about other individuals. STEFANOS SARAFIS: The former leader of the Greek Liberation Army (ELAS), Mr Stefanos Sarafis, has left for London along with his British wife Maria Pasquell. The Interior Ministry granted him an emigration permit after he promised not to make any political statements while abroad. BREAD: Bakery workers are continuing their strike, adding to the woes of the people who are struggling, just as during the occupation, to get a slice of bread to eat. Yesterday afternoon (May 27), there were repeated incidents and riots in many central bakeries. In order to get a loaf of bread, people had to wait at least two hours in line. Despite the bakers’ strike, snow-white loaves of bread were being sold on the black market at 6,000-7,000 per loaf of half an oka (about 600 grams). HEIR TO THE THRONE: The National Anavryta School at which His Royal Highness Crown Prince Constantine is a pupil, held its annual sports day yesterday afternoon. The king and queen watched the sporting events, along with little Princess Irene, Princess Helen, Princess Olga, the Duke of Hesse, Chief Courtier Mr Levidis, and many other officials.