June 6, 1952

MANOS KATRAKIS: From a review by C. Paraschos of «Prometheus Bound» staged by Linos Karzis): «(…) Apart from the Greek actor Mr Manos Katrakis in the role of Prometheus, the play also includes the following actors, each speaking in their own language – the Norwegian actor Hans Jacob Nielsen, the British-Canadian Norman Roland and the Swiss-German Alfred Lohner (…). Karzis has entrusted the role of Prometheus to Mr Katrakis, who along with Mr Minotis is, I think, the only Greek actor whose dramatic ability and force and the range of his voice allow him to take on such a role, one which does not allow for any other means of expression. Mr Katrakis’s interpretation was rife with the hero’s suffering, and there were moments of truly wonderful tenderness in which the words overflowed with more than just their meanings. Perhaps in some places the tenderness should not have been so marked and the words should have come out in a clearer manner. I also heard Mr Lohner right after Mr Katrakis, and so felt even more strongly the contrast in their performances. Mr Lohner’s acting was realistic, impressive and strong. What distinguished it was not the element of suffering, but the unbending rebelliousness of a Titan. Mr Katrakis gave us a Prometheus-Christ, Mr Lohner a Prometheus-Satan. Both interpretations have a place in the interpretation of this play – with possibly room for even more.