Public order now a top priority

Greece is currently facing a series of serious threats, the gravest of which are a new generation of terrorists, an upsurge in crime and the kind of violence that we have seen breaking out all around the country in recent months. The country’s image abroad has already been badly tarnished, not least because of the riots that rocked the capital and other cities in December and the recent fiasco with the escape of two convicts from Korydallos Prison. On their part, Greek citizens are justifiably beginning to feel very insecure. Under such deteriorating conditions, the prime minister and his government need to focus their attention on the country’s police and to adopt bold and necessary measures to revamp the force and make it more effective. At this point there really is no room for compromises, petty political squabbling and looking out for one’s own personal interests. The prime minister must bite the bullet and assign the right people to the crucial posts in ministries that are responsible for public order and safety.