May 8, 1952

SEFERIS: The Greek service of BBC radio has announced that, after the 9.30 p.m. news today (April 29), the poet George Seferis will speak on «The First Greek Traveler to Britain.» In other news, the Cabinet has decided to promote the diplomatic counselor Mr G. Seferiadis (Seferis) to the post of Minister Plenipotentiary, 2nd class. HOURMOUZIOS ON MELAS: «Spyros Melas yesterday complained in his column that Kathimerini had misinterpreted him. Mr Melas rejects any relationship between his theater and French Boulevard. He refers to his works ‘Papaflessas’ and ‘Judas.’ (…) At heart, Melas’s works are, of course, satire, but are they any the less Greek Boulevard? Respectfully yours, Aimilios Hourmouzios. UNIVERSITY: The Athens University students’ union warns that students will not tolerate any unpatriotic activities on the part of professors at what is, above all, an educational institution and will have a strong response to any such acts. FRIEND AND ALLY: A ministerial circular has proposed that, from now on, teachers of history, geography and Modern Greek should carefully avoid any comments or references that are likely to stir up unpleasant responses in the hearts of pupils and feelings that may be hostile to the people of Greece’s friend and ally, Turkey.