May 13, 1959

COLD WAR: Geneva, 12 – The quadripartite conference currently under way here came up against its first obstacle today, the second day of the conference. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko called for the immediate participation of Poland and Czechoslovakia in the conference, as they were among the countries that had suffered the most in the war and therefore had the right. The Western nations responded that other countries such as Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium had also suffered, as had Italy. There was much sparring between the delegations of East and West Germany. GREECE-TURKEY: Yesterday afternoon Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis and his wife, along with Foreign Minister Evangelos Averof, returned from a four-day visit to Turkey. The prime minister expressed deep satisfaction with his talks and the conviction that bilateral relations had entered a new phase. He said his government would proceed decisively with close, creative cooperation. Both on his departure from Constantinople and his arrival in Athens, Karamanlis was cheered by large crowds. The Yugoslav ambassador to Turkey accompanied Karamanlis in Ankara and Istanbul and was informed of progress in the talks.