May 19, 1959

BERLIN CRISIS: Berlin, 16 – Over 100,000 residents of West Berlin watched an impressive parade today at Tempelhof Airport of some 4,000 members of the city’s US guard on the occasion of «US Army Day.» The head of the American forces in Europe, General Clyde D. Eddleman, said that the «small but strong American guard was in the city to safeguard peace and to fulfill the USA’s obligations.» «Our presence here in West Berlin, this bastion of freedom,» he said, «is a clear indication that we are fulfilling those obligations.» The parade was watched by the chief Russian officer in East Berlin and other officers, accompanied by their wives, who chatted with their Western counterparts and cheered when a unit of marines engaged in sporting events. PERONIST MOVEMENT: Buenos Aires, 16 – Police using tear gas struggled for four hours last night to break up a group of striking bank employees. The nationwide strike was called by the workers’ communist leaders and supporters of the ousted president, Juan Peron. The strikers threw stones at the police, injuring a great many of them. The city’s industries were paralyzed and transport halted due to bombs thrown onto railway lines.