June 1, 1959

GEORGE PAPANDREOU: The leader of the Liberal Democrats has called for an emergency session of Parliament to debate the question of nuclear missile bases in Greece. «I don’t think we should wait until October to debate this issue,» he said, adding that the strong warning issued by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev during a visit to Albania had increased the importance of the issue. TSIRIMOKOS: The president of the Democratic Union, Ilias Tsirimokos, agreed with Papandreou, saying that the government should make its intentions clear on burning issues of foreign policy, including that of the missile bases, so that all political parties could set out their views. Tsirimokos has said in an interview that he is in favor of a missile-free zone extending from the Baltic to the Aegean. UNITED DEMOCRATIC LEFT: The United Democratic Left has sent the government and the opposition party leaders a letter, in which it emphasizes that the government’s foreign policy was the main obstacle to the nation’s progress, as it resisted recent proposals by Russia and others to make the Balkans a peninsula of peace.