Time to call a spade a spade

Everyone knows that once the European parliamentary elections are behind us, someone will have the difficult task of making some very tough decisions pertaining to the country’s economy. The prime minister has been clear that there will be further measures to increase state revenue and the opposition has already taken issue with this approach. Yet no one is ready to show all of their cards because they know it will entail a heavy political cost. Vague announcements about cracking down on tax evasion and reducing the waste of funds within the state are little more than the same cliches that we have been hearing for decades. The premier could seriously boost his credibility if he were to be straightforward about what his plans are for June 8 – and doing so would prove that he holds to his campaign slogan of responsibility. Main opposition PASOK leader George Papandreou can also show that he is in control in the one areas that is considered his weakness, i.e. the economy. Unfortunately, they have opted for vague rhetoric, one that most people are sick of hearing and few believe.