Protecting their image

The low turnout among Greek voters in the recent European Parliamentary elections was due to a number of reasons. Public apathy and disillusionment with the local political system has deep-rooted causes. One of these is the widespread belief among Greeks that no politician in this country will ever be punished for wrongdoing. At the time when British deputies are facing a year in prison over the notorious – as well as growing – expense account scandal, it is outrageous that their Greek counterparts appear to be getting away with their dubious role in a far bigger scandal, the Siemens bribery case. If Greek politicians wish to salvage their badly tarnished image, they will have to abolish the statute of limitations for any wrongdoing for which deputies are responsible. Moreover, they will have to take all possible measures to ensure that all politicians implicated in the Siemens case – even for tax evasion – face justice as well as making sure that there is no political cover-up of the scandal.