June 29, 1959

GRIVAS’S POLITICAL MANIFESTO: A speech delivered by Cypriot General Georgios Grivas (aka Digenis) while accepting the post of honorary president of the Panhellenic Union of War Wounded 1940-41 has given rise to comments from various sides. Both Greek politicians and foreign diplomatic observers have described the speech as a «political manifesto» which leaves little doubt that the general will be becoming more involved in the country’s political life. «Why did the youth of Greece sacrifice themselves for the freedom of the whole world? Why didn’t they bow their heads to the violence of Nazism and Fascism? Why did they fight? Was it so that the great could become greater and those who stood by watching them would profit? Was it so that injustice should prevail and so that means of oppressing and exploiting the weak could pass into other hands?» he asked. Grivas also stressed the need to believe in the nation’s destiny, along with the fact that social justice should be available to all. Grivas is scheduled to receive visits from a number of politicians today at his Athens office, which he opened last week.