July 6, 1959

GLEZOS AND OTHERS GO TO TRIAL: The trial of Manolis Glezos and other members of the Communist Party, who have been charged with espionage, begins tomorrow before a military tribunal. As shown during the investigation, the accused had formed a group of spies, three of whom entered Greece from behind the Iron Curtain in November 1957 and joined the other members of the group. Others are charged with hiding the spies in their homes and otherwise helping them to carry out their mission. Glezos, in particular, is charged with contacting the leader of the group, accommodating him in his sister’s home and working with him for two days. The charges carry a penalty of life imprisonment or death. The four witnesses for the prosecution include three police officers. INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT FOR GLEZOS: London, 3 – According to recent reports from Moscow, a demonstration and public outcry took place today in front of the Greek Embassy in support of Manolis Glezos. No demonstrations are held in the Soviet Union without official approval nor without some comment from Moscow radio.