The left is not above the law

At some point, the left-wing political parties operating in this country must come to realize that they too – just like everyone else – are subject to the laws of the Hellenic Republic. In practice, this means that – like all other parties in the political spectrum, ranging from the far left to the extreme right – they are also accountable to the Greek people with respect to any issues of transparency that may come about as a result of well-founded allegations. Nevertheless, some figures who are currently members of the country’s left-wing political parties have not hesitated, in a manner that is quite unacceptable, to use their militant credentials stemming from the past in order to justify shady dealings in more recent times. However, the very history of the Greek left ought to make the parties of the present day more open to concepts of transparency and certainly more willing to accept public control of their finances, instead of using that history as an alibi for under-the-table dealings, which they feel should not be questioned or challenged.