Steps to bolster our democracy

Are there any changes that could be made to the country’s election system which both mainstream parties could agree on? What should Greece’s main priority be right now? The answer, of course, is steady governance and measures aimed at weaning politicians and political parties away from dubious business interests and under-the-table dealings. Stability could be bolstered by endorsing legislation that will enlarge the majority of the election winner. Such a law could come into force after the next election. The independence of politicians could be further enhanced by introducing single-member constituencies and the list system for a proportion of the 300 deputies serving in Parliament. Conservative Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and Socialist opposition leader George Papandreou should join hands on these two reforms. Such a gesture would be a great service to the country and the two politicians’ long-term political image. Greece needs bold reforms. Time will tell whether our political leaders have the requisite courage to place the common good above sordid and petty partisan interests.