August 24, 1959

GREECE-OEEC-EEC: Negotiations being conducted over the past two years within the Organization for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC) to set up an economic entity that would include all OEEC members are set out in a 205-page white paper jointly published in English by the ministries for Coordination and Foreign Affairs to inform international public opinion of Greece’s position on this issue. Minister for Coordination Aristides Protopapadakis said that for political and particularly for economic reasons, it was not in Greece’s interest to be excluded from the alliances being formed by countries that had traditionally been markets for its products, as well as developing countries. INDOCHINA: London – If the situation in Laos worsens and requires the intervention of the United Nations, Britain may accuse North Vietnam of indirectly attacking it. It is believed that the Soviet Union, in its capacity as co-leader with Britain of the Geneva summit, will be semiofficially informed of Britain’s decision, according to a reliable source. It appears that the British government will use a wealth of evidence in its possession regarding the indirect attack by North Vietnam on Laos.