August 25, 1959

GERMAN VICE CHANCELLOR’S VISIT: During his recent visit to Athens, German Vice Chancellor Ludwig Erhard said in an interview that, based on the existing economic situation in Europe, the economies of Greece and Turkey would need to move toward deregulation. Referring to their imminent negotiations for membership in the European Economic Community (EEC), Erhard said that in his talks with Greek officials he had formed the view that the government had prepared itself carefully. He said West Germany recognized Greece’s justifiable demands and would support them in the various councils. EISENHOWER IN WEST GERMANY: Bonn – The capital of West Germany is decked our in the flags of the country and of the United States and large crowds have turned out in force to welcome US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The past seems completely forgotten by ordinary people who were cheering and waving flags for the person who just 14 years ago had led the armies that forced Germany to surrender. Over 100,000 people filled the streets of the German capital to welcome Eisenhower.