This is no time for games

A game is being played out on the wings of the political stage between members of the government aimed at avoiding responsibility for last week’s forest fires, which is truly pathetic. The «leaks» and «tip-offs» to the press and the public back-stabbing simply stoke the fires of public outrage. The people, after all, are completely uninterested in all these petty political antics after such an enormous natural disaster. The people are angry and very, very worried and our politicians need to understand and respect this, rather than playing games over the ashes of Attica to figure out who should shoulder the least amount of responsibility. Ever since last December, when Athens erupted in a wave of riots, the prime minister should have appointed someone in charge of all public order and security services. Finally, the time has come for someone to step forward and admit that they dropped the ball. This is the least the government can do and it should do so out of respect for the people of this country.