Time for some hard truths

The decisions expected to be announced by the prime minister today or tomorrow will most certainly have significant political ramifications. Holding early elections in October entails many a risk for the country, as it is faced with many burning issues. On the other hand, the uncertainty and foot-dragging of which we have seen too much recently cannot continue. One hopes that the prime minister and leader of the ruling conservative party, Costas Karamanlis, will be clear and courageous in explaining what has to be done in the coming months, while also offering an answer to a simple question: Why hasn’t what needed to be done actually been done and how does the premier plan to go about getting it done in the future? But Karamanlis is not the only one pressed for answers. Voters also expect socialist leader George Papandreou, who has long called for snap elections, to lay out his own detailed blueprint for the nation. The Greek public is mature enough to hear painful truths but too anxious and frustrated to swallow the same bunch of stale political generalizations.