September 3, 1959

INDOCHINA: Vientiane – The Laotian armed forces chief said yesterday that about 3,500 North Vietnamese soldiers and communist guerrillas had launched an offensive in the southern region of Sam Neua province and are expected to seize the town of the same name. He also revealed that the communists had captured five military posts along the Nam Ma River on the border with North Vietnam. US PRESIDENT IN PARIS: US President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s talks with French President Charles de Gaulle in Paris yesterday appeared to have been held in an atmosphere of complete understanding. Both leaders have been seeking a favorable solution to pending bilateral differences and have observed that, in order to preserve world peace and promote their own interests, it is necessary to protect the unity of the Western alliance and to take a steadfast but flexible approach to Moscow.ALPINE HIGHWAY: In the Alps, where France meets Italy, engineers from both countries are busy opening a tunnel in the bowels of snow-covered Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Europe. The tunnel, to be built at an estimated cost of around $16 million, is part of a highway that will reduce the distance of traveling between Paris and Milan by 195 miles.