Knowing when it’s time to go

Every political party has its own share of historic cadres who have given a great deal to the country and the party itself. However, there comes a time when, once again, a sense of duty dictates that one should step down and make room for the next generation of politicians and fresh candidates. This is exactly what the late Constantine Karamanlis had in mind when, in 1974, he made the decision to include a number of young and dynamic individuals on the New Democracy party ticket. Now it is again time for renewal. And it comes at a very crucial time for the ruling conservatives, who are trailing their Socialist opposition by a large margin ahead of the general elections. Because of their long experience, veteran politicians can still contribute to the party and the nation from outside Parliament. At the same time, they can teach a precious lesson in good behavior, because, in the political sphere, a politician is judged not only on the way they enter it but also on the way they exit.