September 14, 1959

ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS ATTACKS DIGENIS: Nicosia, 15 – Cypriot Ethnarch Archbishop Makarios made a lengthy statement this evening at a press conference, emphasizing the repeated irresolution of the former head of the National Cypriot Fighters’ Organization, Georgios Grivas, who is also known by the moniker Digenis. Makarios referred to the divisive actions he has taken from Athens, where he is now living, and what appears to be a conspiracy against the current peace and calm prevailing among the Cypriot people. The Ethnarch’s revelations have made a considerable impact upon the Cypriot people, although many of the points expressed by the archbishop had already been announced some days ago. CHINA-INDIA: London, 9 – The Soviet Union, in an announcement released by the semi-official Tass news agency, has called on Communist China and India to settle their border dispute peacefully. The Soviet attempt at mediation coincided with a letter that was released today from Red Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-Lai to his Indian counterpart Jawaharlal Nehru proposing an amicable settlement.