September 17, 1959

KHRUSHCHEV IN NEW YORK: New Yorkers have not given visiting Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev a rousing welcome. About 100,000 silent bystanders, including small groups of anti-communists, lined his route through the city. One placard read «Butcher of Hungarian Catholics!» and another read «Niki, go to the moon. Leave New York to us!» An anonymous caller said a bomb would go off at the hotel where he was staying, leading to a search of the Waldorf Astoria. None of these events, however, appeared to affect the Soviet leader. LIN PIAO: Hong Kong – It has been announced that Marshal Peng Teh-huai has been relieved of his post as defense minister of communist China in a government reshuffle and has been replaced by Marshal Lin Piao, who will also serve in his present post of deputy prime minister. LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES: Paris – Police have seized copy reels of the daring French film «Les Liaisons dangereuses» that has been showing in two Paris cinemas for the past few weeks. Screenings of the film, directed by Roger Vadim, the former husband of Brigitte Bardot, had been allowed on the condition that it would not be sent abroad and that it was classified as unsuitable for minors.