October 10, 1959

HUNGARY: London – Prominent Britons, including philosopher Bertrand Russell, the writer E.M. Forster, and the editor of the left-wing magazine New Statesman, issued an appeal to the prime minister of Hungary asking him to free «writers and unionists imprisoned for political reasons.» They mentioned the names of 10 people including the writers Tibor Dery and Gyula Hay. «We assure you that such a move would result in a considerable increase in respect for the Hungarian government in the eyes of the international public,» they wrote. TORY VICTORY: London – The results of the parliamentary elections have given the Conservative party a majority of 100 seats, compared to the 53 in the previous House of Commons. Despite the unexpected victory for Harold Macmillan, Labour leader Hugh Gaitskell said the result could by no means be described as a catastrophe for his party. MARIO LANZA: Rome – According to an official announcement, the death of the famous Italian-American tenor and cinema star Mario Lanza yesterday was due to complications arising from severe cardiovascular disease.