October 24, 1959

DARK SIDE OF THE MOON: London, 27 – The first photograph of what until now has been the invisible side of the moon has been taken by the Soviet Lunik 3 satellite and published in newspapers around the world, with enthusiastic responses from scientists. A number of Western European newspapers put the photo on their front pages, many of which were devoted entirely to the achievement. British newspapers accompanied the photograph with impressive titles. The conservative Daily Mail wrote: «The entire world congratulates Russia today. Many miracles have been worked during the past few years, but these photographs are the greatest achievement of mankind in the sector of space exploration.» PTOLEMAIDA: King Pavlos opened the new Public Power Corporation electricity plant in Ptolemaida, after flying to Kozani from Thessaloniki and then driving to the plant by car. During the ceremony, the king set in motion the plant’s first unit with a capacity of 70,000 kWh. Among other officials in attendance were Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis, who arrived by helicopter, the Minister for Industry, the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany and the National Bank governor.