Action is needed, not talking

The inclination by so many members of our political community to crowd our television screens morning, noon and night is quite incomprehensible. The members of Parliament and officials of opposition party New Democracy have obviously failed to grasp the fact that all they have managed to do is create a chaotic and unprofessional image when they appear day after day on a variety of different television shows to raise a stink about some issue or another. Certain sitting ministers, meanwhile, some of whom hold important posts in services mired in unsolved crises, have adopted the same tactic of talking on and on about the problems and laying the blame for them elsewhere. What these self-agrandizing politicians have not realized is that the public becomes deeply annoyed when its sees politicians chattering incessantly on television rather than getting down to business and getting things done. The people only want to see their elected officials appear on television when they have something tangible to announce or something to explain, not as a way of making up for persistent lack of action.