June 22, 1952

SETTING AN EXAMPLE TO HUMANITY: (From a speech by the leader of the Greek Rally party, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, while on a visit to Kozani.) «(…) We believe in democracy and we demand that it functions. If the popular response favors others, we will obey its mandate. However, we are certain that it will favor us. Then, in keeping once again with the mandate, we will offer beleaguered humanity a brilliant example of what Greece can be, when it wants to, in the quest for peace. And that is exactly what it does want.» FARMERS’ PROTESTS: Pirgos, 21 – One thousand five hundred farmers and farmworkers in the region of Amaliada, Cambos and Pineia participated in a protest rally this morning in Amaliada, demonstrating against the government’s farm policy. About 50 wagons loaded with potatoes had been brought to the road leading into town and then were driven to Toyias Square, while the farmers unloaded the carts, throwing the potatoes on the ground, to the delight of many women and children who rushed to gather them up. PAVLOS PALAIOLOGOS: Yesterday Pavlos Palaiologos left for Cyprus in order to attend a performance of his play «The Third Act» which the theater company of Giorgos Pappas and Eleni Hatziargyri are to stage tomorrow night in the capital of Nicosia.