Two ways to go

Greece is at a crossroad, facing two very different paths, the choice of which will be determined by our character: One is difficult yet creative, the other easy and totally self-destructive. Which is the «easy» way? The one being followed these past few days by leading political figures in their attacks against Germany and other dark forces involved in a conspiracy against Greece. It is obviously easier to launch an attack that appeals to Greeks’ penchant for conspiracies than to look at a problem straight in the eye and come up with a solution. It makes more sense for politicians with outdated ideas that represent a spent status quo to resort to such solutions. But this path leads nowhere; only to the edge of the abyss. German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not shake with fear at the letter by Parliament President Filippos Petsalnikos nor will BMW’s stock fall because some are thinking about boycotting German products. Greece’s reputation has suffered enough and the last thing we need is to attack others while waiting for their cash with an outstretched hand. For once, no one feels that they owe us. We cashed in on Pericles and the propagation of democracy a long time ago, as well as our heroic resistance to the Axis powers, and now we are just another country that messed up. So, one path leads to introversion and an imaginary battle with dark forces. Coupled with extreme forms of protest, this mentality is certain to take us many steps back. The other way to go is to feel anger at all the bad things we hear and read about our country, admit to our mistakes and remedy the situation like a country that knows how to survive. This anger may stimulate Greeks’ inherent good will, hardworking nature and vision. But first we have to take a long hard look in the mirror and shoulder our part of the blame. Greece has hit rock bottom and now it is up to us to chose whether we play the victim of a conspiracy or pick ourselves up and take control of our future.

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