The rogues behind the blockades

How much longer will those who are determined to destroy the country continue to enjoy immunity from prosecution? The continued blocking of access to cruise ships that wish to dock at Greek ports, preventing much-needed visitors from stepping onto the shore, has become nothing short of provocative. It is the government’s duty to openly condemn the blackmailers behind these actions and explain that, while they pretend to be about defending workers’ rights, in fact thousands of jobs are being jeopardized by one union and a handful of its proteges. It is also the government’s duty to protect the Greek economy, the people who make their livelihoods from tourism, foreign companies who bring visitors to Greece and, of course, the visitors themselves. There is no excuse for the state to respond to these provocations with half measures and passivity. The country is on the brink of bankruptcy and no one should be allowed to sabotage it so blatantly.