Crack down on lazy Culture Ministry workers

Having recently visited our «patrida» (homeland) and spent time with family at my father’s now empty village and traveling across the most beautiful nation on Earth (despite the tons and tons of litter dumped by residents, and a few tourists) I felt a true part of the land of my immediate heritage. Yet I also saw some of the 10 percent of the population who work for the government: the lazy useless characters who sit on their fat rear ends reading novels or talking on their mobile phones instead of helping tourists to better understand and appreciate the heritage of our ancestry. So, while I fully agree with the editorial on October 27 regarding the necessity to sack the waste of so-called journalists who litter Greek media and who suck up government funds, take it even further. Sack many from within the Ministry of Culture. Or, better yet, introduce performance reviews. That will force them to either work or to see anywhere of up to one-third lose their jobs within a month. While I may not live there, I am as much as Hellene as anyone who does and I cannot sit idly by while the land that my father served in the army becomes the laughing stock of the world. While in Athens last month, one of my uncles said, «We had invented and created so much…» But then my cousin corrected his father and pointed out that this was our ancestors. We ourselves have to work to live up to their legacy. ANGE KENOS, Melbourne, Australia