Premier must ditch dawdlers

Greece continues to teeter on the brink of bankruptcy but certain politicians still refuse to see the facts looming in front of them. Prime Minister George Papandreou’s Socialist administration has just three or four ministers who actually believe in the changes mandated by the memorandum signed with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, who are ready to undertake the political cost and who have the ability to deal with the severity of the situation. On the other hand, the largest share of PASOK ministers seem reluctant to push through the reforms, while some cadres have been going as far recently as to undermine the implementation of every single policy. This is no way to go forward. No nation ever achieved its aims without a government that believed in them. There is no time left to waste. Papandreou must rule with a strong hand and move forward with those who are willing and capable. Otherwise he must turn to those who may not belong to his small circle of political allies, or even his party, but who have what it takes to steer the country out of the crisis.