September 4, 1952

VLACHOU ON ‘ENEMY WITHIN’: (From a political commentary by Eleni G. Vlachou titled «Concerned») «(…) The communists consciously and determinedly prepared the events of December (1944). The God of Greece only knows how the country, defenseless, exhausted and betrayed as it was, did not fall into their hands. (…) If it had fallen into the hands of the enemy within, would the Allies have bothered to save it? (…) Then came the victories on the Grammos and Vitsi mountains and we regained the admiration of the world. (…) That nightmare is over. We will continue to live in freedom, as we have done and are doing. Of our own free will, we have embarked on the same slippery path that led Greece from the Pindus to Krora, when we transformed Greece from a country of the Holy Virgin to a country where hostages were slaughtered and children abducted. The same slogans are being heard, the same people are whispering them. (…) Already a number of important milestones have been passed. The amnesty opened up the prisons. (…) Everywhere new cells are being organized, everywhere the enemy’s network is being set up again. (…) And we are allowing this to happen. OIL DISTRIBUTION: An order has been given to distribute 200 drams (640 grams) of olive oil per person in Athens for the month of September at the price of 6,000 drachmas per ration. Today, Europe is faced by another phenomenon called urban sprawl. This has resulted in cities extending further and eventually erasing all boundaries with the once peaceful and family oriented suburbs.

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