The half-truth trap

Daily television coverage on the subject of terrorism has degenerated into the display of never before seen journalistic charlatanism which is poisoning public life. It is a violation of all rules of accountability that each conceivable rumor and scenario is tirelessly presented to the viewing public as fact and that everyone is allowed to proclaim his version of the truth as judged through the filter of his own misconceptions. This unhealthy climate has been created by the leaders of the ongoing anti-terrorism campaign who have influenced public opinion with their carefully selected «leaks» of the information gleaned from their investigations. But by feeding the media with truths, half-truths and the occasional lie, they ensured the press was flooded by the filth of base misinformation. And now the focus has shifted from propaganda based on the foregone conclusion of the conviction of jailed suspects. We are now witnessing a campaign to discredit members of the ruling PASOK party. Currently, there is an attempt to expose PASOK MP Thanassis Tsouras as a leading November 17 member! Former Health Minister Alekos Papadopoulos has also been implicated via a non-existent link between his wife and alleged N17 leader Alexandros Yotopoulos’s female companion. But worst of all is the sense that the anti-terrorism campaign has provoked a McCarthyist witch hunt that faces no opposition.

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