Debunking of elaborate media conspiracies an important trend

Bravo for stepping up in your recent editorial «TV Monstrosities» (Friday, Sept. 6). Greeks often profess elaborate conspiracy theories. As the article noted, the demise of November 17 and the whereabouts of Koufodinas were certainly stories surrounded by mystery and conspiracy. Most of these myths begin with reckless journalism. The best way to encourage an end to the telling of such tall tales is for responsible journalists to step up and publicly challenge their irresponsible colleagues. Kathimerini’s de-bunking of the Koufodinas conspiracies is an important step toward ethical and professional journalism. Let’s hope this practice of exposing fraudulent reports and setting the record straight becomes a trend. Anything less would be insulting and unfair to the true members of the Greek mass media and the politically interested citizens they inform. Professor Louis «Ilias» Klarevas, Department of Political Science, George Washington University, Washington, DC.