October 2, 1952

VLACHOU AGAINST EAM: (From a report titled «Two monuments») «EAM (the wartime National Liberation Front) is a title of honor for the nation. It has not become a tool of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) (…). Real Greek patriots should erect a monument to it in the center of Syntagma Square. Last Saturday (September 27), the proud anniversary of the founding of EAM (…), pro-government newspapers wrote paeans of praise for it; 11 parliamentary deputies – Greeks – sent congratulatory messages and perhaps the first donations for a monument (…). Why not? The way things are it might be useful to erect a monument. (…) I do not know exactly how to explain the events of December (1944). (…) when 30,000 people were killed. (…) There is the official coroners’ report: ‘(…) The exhumed remains bore signs of injuries (…). Ten had had their eyes gouged out while still alive…’ So the butchers of EAM want a monument? Then let’s erect a monument to their victims. What are we waiting for? The names are there in their thousands – children, women, people of the arts, the poor, aged and infirm. Let us hold ceremonies to see who is on our side and who on the other. There is no middle ground. The blood that has flowed in recent years has divided Greece between the executioners (…) and the fellow-travelers (…), thanks to whom the Left has once again acquired power, an organization and a voice – morning, afternoon and Sundays (…)»