October 3, 1952

GREEK SACRIFICES: During yesterday’s session of Parliament, the national defense minister announced that the Greek liaison officer at UN headquarters and chief of the expeditionary force, Lt. Gen. Tasonis, sent the following telegram on the latest Greek losses in Korea: «Total losses from the brigade between September 28 and 30: two officers killed and four injured, 12 soldiers killed and 23 injured. Names have been sent in a previous message. The brigade’s morale is high and battle positions are being maintained. Injured officers and men have refused to be transferred and are remaining with the brigade. Injured officers who refused to abandon their troops later died of further injuries. The struggle to seize Nori Hill is a true act of heroism.» TURKISH ‘ALLIES’: Mytilene, 2 – A Turkish destroyer attacked the fishing boat Aghia Paraskevi which was between the islands of Chios and Mytilene by firing two shots at it, killing Greek fisherman Iakovos Karabourniotis, aged 20. The fishermen are in an uproar over the Turks’ latest arbitrary actions. SOCIAL LIFE: The first cool evenings have brought large crowds to the fashionable cafes. (..). At one table a lady was heard relating her impressions of Italy, France and Switzerland. Paris, she said, was at least 30 percent more expensive than last year. Parisiennes were walking around in the Bois de Boulogne dressed in shorts on very hot days.