October 7-8, 1952

POLITICAL CRISIS: This morning, King Pavlos completes his series of talks in a meeting with Prime Minister Nikolaos Plastiras and Deputy Prime Minister Sophocles Venizelos, after which he will announce his decision regarding the political situation in the country. It is considered certain that the king will announce the formation of a caretaker government, the dissolution of Parliament and the holding of elections between November 9 and 23, most probably on November 16. PHAEDON KOUKOULES: (From «An Athenian’s Notes») A truly monumental work, «Life and Culture in Byzantium,» by the university professor and member of the Athens Academy Phaedon Koukoules, is now complete with the publication of the last volume (…) in which the author describes the food and drink, meals, dinners and symposia, dancing, naval, pastoral and agricultural life, bee-keeping, hunting and fishing during the Byzantine age. This great Greek writer’s work contains a wealth of information that shows what a strong influence Byzantium has had on our present way of life. (…) Mr Koukoules has proved himself to be, in my opinion, a national historian. (…) The French Institute of Athens, thanks to which this wonderful work has been published, deserves the gratitude of the Greek public for the entire series of its costly publications.