October 23, 1952

GIORGIOS I. RALLIS: Yesterday (October 21) the names of the Athens electoral campaign committee were announced: Members include candidates for the Athens ticket, Messrs. Giorgios Rallis, S. Mercouris, Dimitris Babakos, C. Psarros, C. Papayiannis, Andreas Lambropouolos, Mr Triantafyllis, Christos Solomonidis and C. Yiavasoglou. The three first candidates comprise the executive council. As of today, the electoral campaign committee will be in session at the offices of the Greek Rally party at the corner of Academias and Voukourestiou streets. SOPHOCLES: (From a commentary in Kathimerini): A friend who arrived from Rome yesterday, by air, told us about what happened to Mr Vardinoyiannis, private secretary to Sophocles Venizelos, whom the party had urgently sent on a mission to find its leader somewhere in Europe. We say somewhere in Europe, because the unfortunate secretary struggled to find a trace of his patron, telephoning all one afternoon to various hotels in Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux, where he supposed that the leader of the Liberals might be staying for health reasons. In vain. It would have been more practical to inform Interpol that «the leader of the Liberals is missing, a brilliant and sympathetic young man, with an excellent knowledge of bridge but absolutely none of politics. The person who finds him – if he is Greek – will be rewarded with a candidacy on the Centrists’ ticket» (as a punishment, of course).