October 29-30, 1952

ELYTIS: The BBC’s Greek service has announced that it will broadcast the poem by Odysseas Elytis «Heroic Lament for the Second Lieutenant Lost in Albania» in a program this morning at 9.30 a.m. (Greek time). PROKOPIOU-USA: Kathimerini’s art critic Angelos Prokopiou has left for the United States at the invitation of the US government to attend four days of cultural events. Mr Prokopiou is to give a series of lectures in the US on modern Greek art. FREDERIKA: It has been announced that the Lord Chamberlain of Her Majesty Queen Frederika has informed the (caretaker) prime minister, Mr Dimitris Kiousopoulos, of Her Majesty’s wish to continue prosecution of the publishers and editors of the newspaper «New Democracy» for a report that was insulting to Her Majesty. PRE-DICTATORSHIP GREECE: (From a commentary in Kathimerini) There is no need for the United Democratic Left (EDA) to broadcast on the national radio. After all, it has the «Free Greece» radio station that broadcasts its views day and night. It has its daily newspaper and the right to expound its propaganda freely from the balconies. It would not be a violation of the Constitution to prevent them from airing these views on national radio. EDA officials have pending court cases against them, for treason. HOTEL GRANDE BRETAGNE: The Hotel Grande Bretagne last Saturday (October 25) celebrated its 100th anniversary.