Selling approval…

Since Friday afternoon, the whole world has found itself faced with a much-debated United Nations resolution, which, at first sight, has as its sole aim the disarmament of Iraq and the toppling of Saddam Hussein, but which also paves the way for UN intervention in geopolitical upheavals across the Middle East. Powerful nations such as France, Russia and China, countries with experience in diplomatic maneuvering, have signed the – to all intents and purposes hypocritical – resolution and retreated into their boudoirs. It is unlikely that these countries gave in without a fight. There was almost certainly much negotiation behind the scenes as they tried to secure some benefits for themselves in return for siding with US President George W. Bush. France appears to have asked for, and received, reassurances regarding the distribution of oil after the war in Iraq. Russia, by signing, effectively paid for US tolerance to President Vladimir Putin’s methods of tackling his own domestic terrorism. Even rapidly developing China sacrificed its justifiable objections in the name of the «red capitalism» currently being promoted by the Communist Party and to secure its entry into the World Trade Organization. Unfortunately, that’s the way of the world – you get something, you have to give something back. As for the Iraqis, they are no doubt to blame for tolerating such an insanely tyrannical leader. But is this any reason to wage war on them?

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