US Democrats Abroad Greece elects new executive committee

Meeting for its annual general meeting at the Athens Center in Mets, Democrats Abroad Greece (DAGR) members elected a new Executive Committee on March 20.

The new Executive Committee, with a very strong participation by Greek-Americans, will be led by economist and former US diplomat Alec Mally as chair (former vice chair), hospitality professional Arleen Zafirakis-Komninou as new vice chair and educator Steven M. Medeiros as chair of the Athens Chapter (former DAGR counsel). Two additional members from the new Thessaloniki Chapter will join the 11-member Executive Committee upon completion of elections there.

As former US Consul General in Thessaloniki, Mally committed to providing his full support to the Chapters to inform and expand their membership stated,

“Our Country Committee currently suffers many of the same issues that plague our host country; we see it most acutely in the ‘hollowing out’ of the American community in Greece as employment opportunities disappear. This requires us to focus this next term on reinforcing our existing Athens and Thessaloniki chapters while exploring expansion into underserved areas where American communities are found,” Mally declared, speaking after his election to chair at the annual general meeting.

The full Executive Committee and their home states:

Chair: Alec Mally (Florida)

Vice Chair: Arleen Zafirakis-Komninou (New York)

Secretary: Meg Matsaganis (Massachusetts)

Treasurer: John A. Bacalis, MBA, CPA (New York)

Counsel: Alexandra Jelkes (Georgia)

At-Large members (representing the rest of Greece: Amalia Kalogridakis-Lagoudakis (New Jersey) and Karen Lee (Ohio)/

The Athens Chapter elected new officers as well:

Chair: Steven M. Medeiros Massachusetts

Representative: John LewisMassachusetts

Outgoing DAGR chair, Yvette Jarvis, presently visiting family in Colorado, addressed the meeting via Skype and expressed her appreciation to those who worked side-by-side with her since 2010: “I am proud to have been part of a team that with hard work and dedication produced amazing results with honor, high standards, self-sacrifice and great attitudes. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the good times! I wish continued success to the new board!”

The Greece Country Committee of Democrats Abroad is the official representative of the US Democratic Party in Greece. DAGR has helped thousands of Americans register to vote, and organized many functions to educate voters and build a sense of community among like-minded Americans resident in Greece. Membership is free and open to all American citizens who share our ideals. To join, please click JOIN at or contact Secretary Meg Matsaganis at [email protected] or call 210.610.6488.