NGO launches initiative for stray dogs and cats


The nonprofit organization Dog’s Voice has created a platform for animal lovers containing current information on restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic which allows them to network and coordinate to ensure no stray animals are left without care and food during the lockdown.

At, those interested can find out how to volunteer to take care of strays in their own areas and how they can help to feed animals further away.

The site has been set up in response to the problems created for strays by the coronavirus restrictions.

Speaking to Kathimerini on behalf of Dog’s Voice, Elena Dede said that since feeding strays outside the municipality where each volunteer lives is not permitted, there is a danger that many animals may go without food. In fact, she said, the needs are increasing. “With the shuttering of tavernas – on which strays in many parts of the country depend for food – too many animals have been left hungry.”