Elpidophoros calls for ‘socially just democracy’ at annual event


Archbishop Elpidophoros of America spoke about the connection between Christian Orthodox teaching and a socially just democracy at the annual conference of the St. Andrew’s Freedom Forum, which promotes human rights and religious freedom in Washington DC.

This year 's event was dedicated to the memory of John Lewis, the late US congressman and civil rights leader, who was one of the pioneers of the civil rights movement in the United States.

Elpidophoros spoke of the discriminations suffered by Black Americans, Native Americans, and women, noting that “the historical sins of slavery and genocide” must be acknowledged “in order to repent and pave the way for the equitable application of Justice for all.”

The archbishop had participated in a demonstration of the "Black Lives Matter" movement in the summer after the death of George Floyd.

In the same event, Andreas Akaras, founder of the St. Andrew's Forum, said the theme of this year's event was inspired by the Archbishop's participation in a BLM march. "I was inspired by the decision of the Archbishop himself, who showed that he is a modern bishop who can deal with the difficult issues that plague American society."