Aris lands Princeton’s Dan Mavraides

Princeton Tigers star Dan Mavraides is the latest Greek American to cross the Atlantic to join a club in Greece, as Aris announced its deal with the 22-year-old player on August 15.

The Thessaloniki club has secured the services of the young guard for the next three seasons. He sent his contract signed, and that will take effect as of September 1 provided he secures a Greek passport — a mere formality, given that his father is Greek.

Boston-born Mavraides is a prolific point guard and shooting guard, having played 32 games in the NCAA last season with an average of 12.7 points per game.

Speaking on Aris?s official radio station, Mavraides expressed his excitement about the happy conclusion of his negotiations with the club, saying: «I was enthusiastic about it from the very first moment. This is a club with a great tradition, plenty of titles and exceptional fans. Aris is a big club with high targets.»

On August 16, Aris also announced the acquisition of forward Sam Muldrow. The 23-year-old South Carolina graduate is 2.05 meters tall and doubles as a power forward and a center.