Just a few hours before abandoning the “green zone” and heading for Kabul airport Panagiotis Koumoutsakos and the executives of the multinational security firm he was working with received a visit from the local Taliban chief.

A duck walks by a pool at a hotel on the southeastern Aegean island of Rhodes, on April 14. [Louiza Vradi/Reuters]

Rhodes ferry operator Paris Kakas cannot afford another summer lost to the pandemic if he is ever to repay the millions of euros he owes: “When the bank comes asking, we say: sorry.”


More than 4.7 million patients are estimated to visit the emergency departments of Greece’s understaffed and cash-strapped public hospitals every year, with doctors arguing that 60 to 70 percent of that intake could be avoided if the primary healthcare sector were better organized.


Six years after musician and rapper Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by a self-professed member of Golden Dawn and over four years after the trial into the neo-Nazi party got under way, the time is nearing for its 18 former lawmakers to take the stand.


With the increasing expansion of automation and artificial intelligence, the issue is how the nature of work itself is changing in a constantly developing digital world, demanding constant adaptation.


It was 1988 when “Cinema Paradiso,” Giuseppe Tornatore’s elegiac tribute to the movie theater culture, hit European screens. Angelos Semelas was 13 when he saw the film in 1988, but remembers it as though it were yesterday.


The phone rang at the Avlona juvenile detention facility, north of Athens, on Friday, July 24, 2015, with the announcement from a high-ranking Justice Ministry official that Koufodinas was going to be transferred there. “Koufodinas who?” inquired the perturbed clerk. “The one you’re thinking about.”


Crew members abandoned their posts, fire emergency plans were mistakenly activated for Deck 3 instead of Deck 4 where the blaze had broken out, and a lifeboat was released into the sea before the evacuation order had been issued or any safety measures taken. 


Perched halfway up a cragged mountain range, limestone outcrops frame the small village of mostly single-story homes where Nicholas Skourides was born, and where he says he simply wants to live out the rest of his days.