In what will America trust?

We learned a lot from Donald Trump before his election in 2016, during his presidency and since. So, we did not expect many more surprises from him and his supporters.

State secession is a scenario if Biden wins

He was born in Athens, the son of Donald Kagan, a prominent classicist and expert in the history of the Peloponnesian War. However, Robert Kagan did not follow his father’s academic path, but instead worked at the State Department under the Ronald Reagan administration, as a speechwriter for the then secretary of state George P. Shultz, and a member of the United States Department of State’s Policy Planning Staff, before ending up at the Brookings Institution as a senior fellow and as a regular analyst for the Washington Post.

NATO without America

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the most successful military alliance in history, is stronger than it’s ever been. Russia’s February 2022 invasion of Ukraine made NATO’s continuing purpose and value crystal-clear, and the organization brought in able new members Finland and Sweden.

Democrats Abroad Greece opens voting center Sunday

Democrats Abroad Greece will be running a voting center this Sunday to help Americans living in Athens cast their votes in the Global Presidential Primary, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at The Athens Center, 48 Archimidous St.

When Greek politicians talk about Trump

Ten months before the presidential elections in the United States, all indications, including the most important of all, the results of the first two primaries, are that Donald Trump will probably be again – for the third time in a row – the Republican candidate for the presidency. 

The United States vs itself

While America’s military and economy remain exceptionally strong, its political system is more dysfunctional than that of any other advanced industrial democracy. In 2024, the US presidential election and the political divisions it exacerbates will test the resilience of American democracy like nothing the United States has experienced in more than 150 years.  

Trump already ‘gave us warnings’

The morning after the event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the collaboration between Kathimerini and The New York Times for the former’s English-language edition, thanks to which American columnist Susan Glasser was in Athens for the first time, we meet at the cafe of a hotel in central Athens.

The Hellenic influence in the US Congress

Much has been written in the past few years on the discrete role and influence of the US Congress. It is positive that, albeit belated, importance is now being placed on the decisions and interventions of the legislative bodies.

Biden and a better-than-expected result

Joe Biden will leave an important mark on the American political landscape even if he chooses not to run for a second term in 2024, when he’ll be 82 years old.