Suspected Australian drug trafficker appeals extradition from Greece to US

A 41-year-old Australian citizen who was arrested in Mykonos in July 2021 as a suspected member of an international drug ring has appealed a decision to extradite him to the United States. US authorities believe that from May 2019 to May 2021, he participated in a conspiracy to money launder and smuggle drugs.

The US economic war on China

China’s economy is slowing down. Current forecasts put China’s GDP growth in 2023 at less than 5%, far below the high growth rates that China enjoyed until the late 2010s. The Western press is filled with China’s supposed misdeeds: a financial crisis in the real estate market, a general overhang of debt, and other ills. […]

Normalizing the unspeakable

What our eyes witnessed this week in Piraeus, our minds couldn’t absorb. The facts, though, were obvious.

US backs Chevron in dispute with Cyprus over giant gas field

Washington has weighed into a dispute between Cyprus and international companies led by Chevron over how to develop a giant offshore gas field, backing the US company’s plan to link it to neighboring Egypt, two industry sources and a US source said on Friday. The Chevron-led consortium proposed connecting the Aphrodite gas field via a […]

F-35 flies over the Acropolis

On Thursday at noon, Athenian visitors and residents heard a deafening noise, which, as some may have noticed, came from three fleeting F-35 aircraft of the United States Air Force.