IMF pressing demands outside bailout agreement, Athens says

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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is pressing demands which are outside Greece's bailout agreement with creditors, the government spokeswoman said Wednesday, accusing the Washington-based institution of undermining the role of the Greek government and European Union institutions.

“The IMF is putting forward demands which are outside the [bailout] agreement and which are undermining the efforts made by the government and the European institutions,” Gerovasili said during a press briefing in reference to the Fund's insistence for contingency measures.

Gerovasili criticized the IMF for rejecting a Greek proposal to instead introduce a mechanism that would automatically trigger spending cutbacks if budget targets are missed.

“The legislation of contingent measures is not within the framework of the [Greek] Constitution and it is not within the framework of European legal values,” she said.

The left-led government has said Greek law prohibits it from legislating on a hypothetical event.

Disagreement over the measures led to a collapse of talks between Athens and lenders late Tuesday, prompting Eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem to scrap plans for a special meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Thursday.